Thursday, January 17, 2013

Can I print text messages from my Galaxy III phone?

Q. I have a Samsung Galaxy III phone and my carrier is T-Mobile. Is there a way I can print my text messages?

A. Yes you can and it is very easy to do.

Download "Email My Texts SMS". It is easy to use and highly rated. You can email your texts, save the email and print it if you need to.

Is the Samsung Galaxy III an Android?
Q. I shattered my Android so bought something to replace it. I ended up with a Samsung Galaxy III. Nowhere does it say "Android," but the taks manager and the texting emoticons have that annoying green robot android character.

A. To put it very simply, Yes. :) If it's a smartphone, not an iPhone, and doesn't have a tile-based interface (Windows Phone 7), then it's an Android.

How do I root my Samsung Galaxy S III?
Q. Hello. I recently just purchased an American Samsung Galaxy S III from AT&T, and I would like a completely safe and reliable way to root my phone. I am sort of new to this stuff, so a tutorial would be great. :)

I hope it helped you

Best online tutorial for using Samsung Galaxy S III?
Q. I just got a Samsung Galaxy S III last week. It's my first smartphone, so I'm kind of a dummy with its operation at the moment. The closest thing I've had to a smartphone up till now is an iPod Touch 4G. The instruction manual is scant and doesn't really contain any hints such as how to conserve battery life or data usage.

Where can I find the best tutorial for noobs to the Samsung Galaxy S III? Videos preferred.

A. Maybe you should go on YouTube. I'm sure someone had a helpful video up. I have the same phone you have.

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