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How do I turn off Samsung Galaxy S3 screen while playing bluetooth music through a speaker?

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I am running music through my samsung galaxy s3, bluetooth to my jbl wireless speaker. The problem is when i turn off the screen or dim it black, it shuts off the music, and the screen stays on the entire time i listen to an album.
Is there a way around this, so that i can timeout my display screen to black, while i listen to music through bluetooth? Or does the screen have to stay on?

Hi dear one.Sam galaxy 3 is one of the best smart phone that can do some works at the same time.please go to the settlngs or read the manual.good long.

How do you share a video from Youtube to Facebook on Samsung Galaxy S3?


This is on my Samsung Galaxy S3. When I watch a video on Youtube, and I want to share it onto Facebook, it doesn't have the option to share it to Facebook. Does anyone know if you can do that?

My samsung galaxy ace gives me only 3 options: English, spanish and portuguese. Is there a way to add russian or french through an app or something can be find out here,,

How do I prevent my Samsung Galaxy S3 from disabling mobile data, when it goes into sleepy mode?


I use my Samsung Galaxy S3 as a mobile wireless hotspot for my laptop. The problem is, when the phone goes to sleepy mode, it disables the mobile data, therefore I lose the connection to the internet on my laptop? How do I keep the mobile data active even though the phone goes to sleepy mode? Thanks.

Keep it from going into sleepy mode, by setting the screen timeout to the longest setting, and touching the screen once in a while. Keep it plugged in so the battery doesn't run out. If you need mobile data on your laptop that much, maybe you should get a 3g or 4g adapter instead of using the phone.

What is the fastest and easiest way to turn my Samsung galaxy s3 into a univerbal remote?


I have a Samsung galaxy s3 and I'm trying to find an app that will allow me to us it as an universal remote. Any app that doesn't require an attachment to the device wanted to be controlled

there are universal remote app from your tv manufacture, download that.

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